2017 Team Schedules

IdDateStart TimeHome TeamAway TeamFldHome
017Wed, Apr 5th6:45 pmMission Diesel PowerMission Accomplished5157
018Wed, Apr 5th6:45 pmRattlersOdd Ballz6621
020Wed, Apr 5th6:45 pmAlcobalicsThe Hosers8233
021Thu, Apr 6th6:45 pmBrewers12 Deep5197
023Thu, Apr 6th6:45 pmMission 90'sMisfits7156
024Thu, Apr 6th6:45 pmSwingersSons of Pitches81817
025Fri, Apr 7th6:45 pmBomb SquadRiver Rats51415
026Fri, Apr 7th6:45 pmOdd BallzMission Accomplished6146
027Fri, Apr 7th6:45 pmBrew JaysAlcobalics71112
028Fri, Apr 7th6:45 pmSlammersAll About That Base893
037Mon, Apr 10th7:15 pmBrewersBomb Squad5167
038Mon, Apr 10th7:15 pmAll About That BaseRattlers6151
039Mon, Apr 10th7:15 pmMission AccomplishedMission 90's7417
040Mon, Apr 10th7:15 pmMisfitsThe Hosers8ForfeitWin
041Tue, Apr 11th7:00 pmSons of PitchesSlammers5116
043Tue, Apr 11th7:00 pmRiver RatsAlcobalics7127
044Tue, Apr 11th7:00 pm12 DeepSwingers896
045Wed, Apr 12th7:15 pmBrew JaysBomb Squad5127
046Wed, Apr 12th7:15 pmSlammersRattlers6154
047Wed, Apr 12th7:15 pmOdd BallzMission Diesel Power71419
048Wed, Apr 12th7:15 pmMission 90'sBrewers8717
051Thu, Apr 13th7:00 pmThe HosersSwingers7514
052Thu, Apr 13th7:00 pmMisfitsBrew Jays876
072Tue, Apr 18th7:00 pmAlcobalicsSwingers8919
073Wed, Apr 19th7:15 pmMission AccomplishedBrewers5121
074Wed, Apr 19th7:15 pmRattlersMission Diesel Power61114
076Wed, Apr 19th7:15 pmMisfitsBomb Squad81312
077Thu, Apr 20th7:00 pmSons of PitchesAll About That Base5216
079Thu, Apr 20th7:00 pmRiver RatsThe Hosers7202
080Thu, Apr 20th7:00 pmMission 90'sBrew Jays8711
081Fri, Apr 21st7:00 pmAlcobalics12 Deep5618
082Fri, Apr 21st7:00 pmAll About That BaseOdd Ballz6186
083Fri, Apr 21st7:00 pmMission AccomplishedMisfits7512
084Fri, Apr 21st7:00 pmSwingersSlammers8616
093Mon, Apr 24th7:15 pmMission Diesel PowerMisfits5518
094Mon, Apr 24th7:15 pmOdd BallzMission 90's61128
095Mon, Apr 24th7:15 pmBrewersAlcobalics7173
096Mon, Apr 24th7:15 pmThe HosersSlammers8018
097Tue, Apr 25th7:00 pmSwingersAll About That Base51213
098Tue, Apr 25th7:00 pmBrew Jays12 Deep61011
099Tue, Apr 25th7:00 pmRiver RatsSons of Pitches71112
101Wed, Apr 26th7:15 pmSlammersOdd Ballz51715
102Wed, Apr 26th7:15 pmSons of PitchesRattlers6144
103Wed, Apr 26th7:15 pmBomb SquadAlcobalics71514
104Wed, Apr 26th7:15 pmMission Diesel PowerBrewers8214
105Thu, Apr 27th7:00 pm12 DeepThe Hosers5265
106Thu, Apr 27th7:00 pmAll About That BaseMission 90's61411
107Thu, Apr 27th7:00 pmRattlersMission Accomplished7ForfeitWin
108Thu, Apr 27th7:00 pmRiver RatsSwingers81615
126Tue, May 2nd7:00 pmMisfitsRiver Rats688
127Tue, May 2nd7:00 pmAll About That BaseMission Accomplished7207
149Mon, May 8th7:15 pmBrewersThe Hosers5173
150Mon, May 8th7:15 pmMission 90'sBomb Squad6ForfeitWin
151Mon, May 8th7:15 pmOdd BallzMisfits72010
152Mon, May 8th7:15 pmSlammersMission Diesel Power8205
153Tue, May 9th7:00 pm12 DeepAll About That Base5810
154Tue, May 9th7:00 pmBrew JaysSons of Pitches61510
155Tue, May 9th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedRiver Rats7216
157Wed, May 10th7:15 pmRattlersBrewers5325
158Wed, May 10th7:15 pmMisfitsAlcobalics61716
159Wed, May 10th7:15 pmSons of PitchesOdd Ballz71516
160Wed, May 10th7:15 pmBomb SquadSwingers81422
178Mon, May 15th7:15 pmRattlersMisfits62020
180Mon, May 15th7:15 pmSlammersMission Accomplished8125
181Tue, May 16th7:00 pmMisfits12 Deep5922
182Tue, May 16th7:00 pmMission 90'sAlcobalics61718
183-071Tue, May 16th7:00 pmBrew JaysRiver Rats7610
185Wed, May 17th7:15 pmMission AccomplishedBomb Squad5239
186Wed, May 17th7:15 pmSons of PitchesMission Diesel Power6138
187Wed, May 17th7:15 pmBrew JaysSwingers7815
188Wed, May 17th7:15 pmThe HosersOdd Ballz81224
189-140Thu, May 18th7:00 pmSwingersOdd Ballz5710
190Thu, May 18th7:00 pm12 DeepRattlers62215
191Thu, May 18th7:00 pmAll About That BaseRiver Rats71510
192Thu, May 18th7:00 pmThe HosersMission 90's8221
209Tue, May 23rd7:00 pmAll About That BaseMisfits51812
210Tue, May 23rd7:00 pmMission 90's12 Deep61316
211Tue, May 23rd7:00 pmAlcobalicsMission Accomplished72715
212-179Tue, May 23rd7:00 pmBrewersSwingers8172
213Wed, May 24th7:15 pmBrewersSons of Pitches5144
214Wed, May 24th7:15 pmOdd BallzBrew Jays61413
215Wed, May 24th7:15 pmBomb SquadSlammers7515
216Wed, May 24th7:15 pmSwingersMission Diesel Power82510
217Thu, May 25th7:00 pmThe HosersRattlers51918
218-138Thu, May 25th7:00 pmAll About That BaseMission Diesel Power6215
219-050Thu, May 25th7:00 pmRiver Rats12 Deep71411
220Thu, May 25th7:00 pmSons of PitchesMission Accomplished8163
221Fri, May 26th7:00 pm12 DeepOdd Ballz577
222Fri, May 26th7:00 pmMission Diesel PowerRiver Rats6ForfeitWin
223Fri, May 26th7:00 pmBomb SquadAll About That Base71218
224Fri, May 26th7:00 pmSlammersMission 90's81011
233Mon, May 29th7:15 pmBomb SquadSons of Pitches5ForfeitWin
234Mon, May 29th7:15 pmAlcobalicsRattlers6WinForfeit
235Mon, May 29th7:15 pmSlammersMisfits71311
236Mon, May 29th7:15 pmThe HosersMission Diesel Power8324
237Tue, May 30th7:00 pmRiver RatsAll About That Base51513
238Tue, May 30th7:00 pmSons of PitchesMission 90's61015
239Tue, May 30th7:00 pmSwingersMission Accomplished7173
240-137Tue, May 30th7:00 pmBomb Squad12 Deep8ForfeitWin
241Wed, May 31st7:15 pmOdd BallzBomb Squad5815
242Wed, May 31st7:15 pmRattlersBrew Jays6215
243Wed, May 31st7:15 pmMission Diesel PowerAlcobalics71615
244Wed, May 31st7:15 pmBrewersSlammers8710
245Thu, Jun 1st7:00 pmMission Accomplished12 Deep5817
246Thu, Jun 1st7:00 pmMisfitsSwingers6418
247Thu, Jun 1st7:00 pmMission 90'sThe Hosers7ForfeitWin
248Thu, Jun 1st7:00 pmAll About That BaseBrew Jays884
249Fri, Jun 2nd7:00 pmOdd BallzRiver Rats51011
250-130Fri, Jun 2nd7:00 pmMission Diesel PowerMission 90's6203
251-132Fri, Jun 2nd7:00 pmBomb SquadThe Hosers7206
252Fri, Jun 2nd7:00 pmRattlers12 Deep8ForfeitWin
262-136Mon, Jun 5th7:15 pmRiver RatsRattlers6163
263-131Mon, Jun 5th7:15 pmOdd BallzBrewers71414
264-162-233Mon, Jun 5th7:15 pmMission AccomplishedBrew Jays8319
265Tue, Jun 6th7:00 pmSwingersMission 90's51210
267Tue, Jun 6th7:00 pmBrew JaysAll About That Base7710
268Tue, Jun 6th7:00 pm12 DeepMission Accomplished8244
269Wed, Jun 7th7:15 pmBrew JaysThe Hosers5273
270Wed, Jun 7th7:15 pmAlcobalicsOdd Ballz6ForfeitWin
271Wed, Jun 7th7:15 pmMisfitsBrewers7719
272Wed, Jun 7th7:15 pmSlammersBomb Squad8WinForfeit
273Thu, Jun 8th7:00 pmRattlersRiver Rats51014
274Thu, Jun 8th7:00 pmThe HosersSons of Pitches6ForfeitWin
277Fri, Jun 9th7:00 pmAlcobalicsAll About That Base51310
278Fri, Jun 9th7:00 pmRiver RatsSlammers6417
279Fri, Jun 9th7:00 pm12 DeepMission Diesel Power7912
280Fri, Jun 9th7:00 pmMission 90'sSons of Pitches8ForfeitWin
297Mon, Jun 12th7:15 pmBrew JaysSlammers51110
298Mon, Jun 12th7:15 pmRattlersBomb Squad6520
299Mon, Jun 12th7:15 pmAlcobalicsMission Diesel Power71416
300Mon, Jun 12th7:15 pmSwingersBrewers8512
305Tue, Jun 13th7:00 pm12 DeepMisfits5512
306-168Tue, Jun 13th7:00 pmSwingersRattlers6Missing Score
307-164Tue, Jun 13th7:00 pmMission 90'sRiver Rats776
308Tue, Jun 13th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedSons of Pitches8618
313Wed, Jun 14th7:15 pmBrewersRattlers5181
314Wed, Jun 14th7:15 pmAlcobalicsMission 90's6165
315-177Wed, Jun 14th7:15 pmMission Diesel PowerBomb Squad7129
316Wed, Jun 14th7:15 pmSlammersBrew Jays8147
329Fri, Jun 16th7:00 pmRiver RatsOdd Ballz5922
330Fri, Jun 16th7:00 pmAll About That BaseBomb Squad6152
331-139Fri, Jun 16th7:00 pmRattlersMission 90's7225
332-163-135Fri, Jun 16th7:00 pmSons of PitchesMisfits8518
353Mon, Jun 19th7:15 pmBomb SquadRattlers5Missing Score
354-166Mon, Jun 19th7:15 pmMission AccomplishedAlcobalics6917
355Mon, Jun 19th7:15 pmThe HosersBrewers7016
356Mon, Jun 19th7:15 pmMission 90'sSlammers8812
361Tue, Jun 20th7:00 pmMisfitsAll About That Base5512
363Tue, Jun 20th7:00 pmSons of PitchesBrew Jays7712
364Tue, Jun 20th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedSwingers8318
369Wed, Jun 21st7:15 pmSlammersRiver Rats5131
371Wed, Jun 21st7:15 pmOdd BallzAlcobalics71015
372Wed, Jun 21st7:15 pmMission Diesel PowerThe Hosers8201
377Thu, Jun 22nd7:00 pmSwingersBrew Jays52016
378-161Thu, Jun 22nd7:00 pmThe HosersAll About That Base6331
379Thu, Jun 22nd7:00 pmMisfitsSons of Pitches7199
386Fri, Jun 23rd6:30 pmOdd Ballz12 Deep666
386.2-165Fri, Jun 23rd7:50 pm12 DeepSlammers6117
387Fri, Jun 23rd6:30 pmBrewersAll About That Base7164
387.2-184Fri, Jun 23rd7:50 pmAll About That BaseBrewers71016
388Fri, Jun 23rd6:30 pmRiver RatsMission Diesel Power8111
388.2-275-167Fri, Jun 23rd7:50 pmMission Diesel PowerBrew Jays81217
409Mon, Jun 26th6:30 pmOdd BallzThe Hosers5217
410Mon, Jun 26th7:00 pmMission Diesel PowerSwingers62512
411Mon, Jun 26th7:00 pmBrewersBrew Jays7164
412Mon, Jun 26th6:30 pmSons of PitchesBomb Squad8Missing Score
413-321Mon, Jun 26th7:50 pmThe HosersMission Accomplished52024
416-125Mon, Jun 26th7:50 pmAlcobalicsSons of Pitches8146
417Tue, Jun 27th7:00 pm12 DeepMission 90's52311
420Tue, Jun 27th7:00 pmRiver RatsMission Accomplished81110
425Wed, Jun 28th6:30 pmMisfitsSlammers5026
426Wed, Jun 28th7:00 pmBrewersRiver Rats674
427Wed, Jun 28th7:00 pmRattlersAlcobalics7ForfeitWin
428Wed, Jun 28th7:00 pmBrew JaysOdd Ballz876
429Wed, Jun 28th7:50 pmThe HosersMisfits5319
435Thu, Jun 29th7:00 pmMission 90'sSwingers7Missing Score
436Thu, Jun 29th7:00 pm12 DeepSons of Pitches8811
481Wed, Jul 5th7:00 pmBrew JaysRattlers5146
482-261-129Wed, Jul 5th7:00 pmAlcobalicsSlammers6616
483Wed, Jul 5th7:00 pmBomb SquadMission Diesel Power769
484Wed, Jul 5th7:00 pmSons of PitchesBrewers8113
489Thu, Jul 6th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedThe Hosers5127
491-323Thu, Jul 6th7:00 pmSwingersMisfits7Missing Score
497Fri, Jul 7th7:00 pmMission Diesel Power12 Deep5ForfeitWin
498Fri, Jul 7th7:00 pmBomb SquadOdd Ballz6629
499Fri, Jul 7th7:00 pmSlammersBrewers7313
500Fri, Jul 7th7:00 pmAll About That BaseAlcobalics8WinForfeit
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