2019 Schedule

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IdDateStart TimeHome TeamAway TeamFldHome
029Mon, Apr 8th7:15 pmOdd BallzMission Accomplished5102
030Mon, Apr 8th7:15 pmRattlersThe Hosers61220
031Mon, Apr 8th7:15 pmMisfitsSons of Pitches766
032Mon, Apr 8th7:15 pmRiver RatsBrew Jays8125
033Tue, Apr 9th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedIce Cold Pitchers5711
034Tue, Apr 9th7:00 pmYank-deez12 Deep6613
037Wed, Apr 10th7:15 pmSlammersChuggers and Sluggers5153
038Wed, Apr 10th7:15 pmAll About That BaseThe Hosers6166
040Wed, Apr 10th7:15 pmRattlersBrew Jays8ForfeitWin
041Thu, Apr 11th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedNo Chucks Given51615
042Thu, Apr 11th7:00 pmSons of PitchesYank-deez696
043Thu, Apr 11th7:00 pm12 DeepOdd Ballz765
045Fri, Apr 12th7:00 pmChuggers and SluggersRiver Rats5527
047Fri, Apr 12th7:00 pmSlammersIce Cold Pitchers7175
048Fri, Apr 12th7:00 pmAll About That BasePrestige Worldwide8180
057Mon, Apr 15th7:15 pmSons of PitchesBeerly Legal51619
058Mon, Apr 15th7:15 pmMission AccomplishedRattlers61213
059Mon, Apr 15th7:15 pmMisfitsOdd Ballz7621
060Mon, Apr 15th7:15 pmThe HosersSlammers8630
061Tue, Apr 16th7:00 pmChuggers and SluggersIce Cold Pitchers5519
063Tue, Apr 16th7:00 pmPrestige WorldwideSwingers7313
064Tue, Apr 16th7:00 pmBrew JaysNo Chucks Given8140
065Wed, Apr 17th7:15 pmBeerly Legal12 Deep597
067Wed, Apr 17th7:15 pmRattlersAll About That Base7109
068Wed, Apr 17th7:15 pmYank-deezThe Hosers8156
089Tue, Apr 23rd7:00 pmBrew JaysIce Cold Pitchers5113
090Tue, Apr 23rd7:00 pmMisfitsPrestige Worldwide61814
091Tue, Apr 23rd7:00 pmMission AccomplishedYank-deez71022
092Tue, Apr 23rd7:00 pmNo Chucks Given12 Deep8617
093Wed, Apr 24th7:15 pmBeerly LegalChuggers and Sluggers5160
094Wed, Apr 24th7:15 pmRattlersRiver Rats6418
095Wed, Apr 24th7:15 pmSlammersSwingers71211
097Thu, Apr 25th7:00 pmIce Cold Pitchers12 Deep51411
099Thu, Apr 25th7:00 pmMisfitsNo Chucks Given7146
101Fri, Apr 26th7:00 pmRiver RatsPrestige Worldwide5183
102Fri, Apr 26th7:00 pmAll About That BaseSons of Pitches687
103Fri, Apr 26th7:00 pmSwingersOdd Ballz71110
104Fri, Apr 26th7:00 pmBeerly LegalIce Cold Pitchers8173
113Mon, Apr 29th7:15 pmOdd BallzSlammers51022
114Mon, Apr 29th7:15 pmBrew JaysRattlers6200
115Mon, Apr 29th7:15 pmMisfitsBeerly Legal7620
116Mon, Apr 29th7:15 pmRiver RatsSons of Pitches8513
117Tue, Apr 30th7:00 pmIce Cold PitchersSwingers5106
118Tue, Apr 30th7:00 pmPrestige Worldwide12 Deep6517
121Wed, May 1st7:15 pmChuggers and SluggersRattlers51111
123Wed, May 1st7:15 pmRiver RatsSlammers7921
124Wed, May 1st7:15 pmThe HosersMission Accomplished81322
125Thu, May 2nd7:00 pm12 DeepSons of Pitches5124
126Thu, May 2nd7:00 pmMisfitsIce Cold Pitchers6ForfeitWin
127Thu, May 2nd7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenSwingers71020
128Thu, May 2nd7:00 pmOdd BallzYank-deez8913
129Fri, May 3rd7:00 pmAll About That BaseChuggers and Sluggers5181
130Fri, May 3rd7:00 pmBeerly LegalPrestige Worldwide6162
141Mon, May 6th7:15 pmBeerly LegalSwingers5189
145Tue, May 7th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedPrestige Worldwide52424
146Tue, May 7th7:00 pmSons of PitchesBrew Jays6ForfeitWin
147Tue, May 7th7:00 pm12 DeepYank-deez71310
148Tue, May 7th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenMisfits8216
152Wed, May 8th7:15 pmBeerly LegalRattlers81716
153Thu, May 9th7:00 pmMisfitsYank-deez51016
154Thu, May 9th7:00 pmBrew Jays12 Deep61912
155Thu, May 9th7:00 pmOdd BallzIce Cold Pitchers71220
156Thu, May 9th7:00 pmThe HosersNo Chucks Given8188
157Fri, May 10th7:00 pmBeerly LegalRiver Rats5129
158Fri, May 10th7:00 pmChuggers and SluggersSwingers6215
159Fri, May 10th7:00 pmPrestige WorldwideAll About That Base7315
170Mon, May 13th7:15 pmChuggers and Sluggers12 Deep6820
171Mon, May 13th7:15 pmOdd BallzBeerly Legal71720
172Mon, May 13th7:15 pmMisfitsSlammers8020
177Wed, May 15th7:15 pmThe HosersMisfits51312
180Wed, May 15th7:15 pmAll About That BaseMission Accomplished832
181Thu, May 16th7:00 pmIce Cold PitchersThe Hosers5122
182Thu, May 16th7:00 pmSons of PitchesRattlers6WinForfeit
183Thu, May 16th7:00 pmOdd BallzPrestige Worldwide7175
184Thu, May 16th7:00 pmChuggers and SluggersNo Chucks Given8112
201Tue, May 21st7:00 pm12 DeepMisfits559
202Tue, May 21st7:00 pmSons of PitchesNo Chucks Given6236
203Tue, May 21st7:00 pmSwingersPrestige Worldwide7219
204Tue, May 21st7:00 pmYank-deezChuggers and Sluggers8182
205Wed, May 22nd7:15 pmSlammersRiver Rats5165
206Wed, May 22nd7:15 pmMission AccomplishedBeerly Legal6719
208Wed, May 22nd7:15 pmAll About That BaseYank-deez8166
209Thu, May 23rd7:00 pmPrestige WorldwideThe Hosers5215
211Thu, May 23rd7:00 pmBrew JaysChuggers and Sluggers7163
212Thu, May 23rd7:00 pmIce Cold PitchersOdd Ballz81812
213Fri, May 24th7:00 pmRattlersSons of Pitches5ForfeitWin
214Fri, May 24th7:00 pmSlammersNo Chucks Given6141
215Fri, May 24th7:00 pmRiver RatsMission Accomplished71211
216Fri, May 24th7:00 pmBeerly LegalAll About That Base81613
225Mon, May 27th7:15 pmAll About That BaseMisfits5115
226Mon, May 27th7:15 pmThe HosersBeerly Legal6922
227Mon, May 27th7:15 pmMission AccomplishedSlammers71930
228Mon, May 27th7:15 pmOdd BallzRattlers8146
229Tue, May 28th7:00 pmYank-deezNo Chucks Given5135
230Tue, May 28th7:00 pmPrestige WorldwideIce Cold Pitchers6323
231Tue, May 28th7:00 pmSwingersBrew Jays7921
233Wed, May 29th7:15 pm12 DeepRiver Rats598
234Wed, May 29th7:15 pmSlammersRattlers6234
235Wed, May 29th7:15 pmBrew JaysBeerly Legal7122
236Wed, May 29th7:15 pmChuggers and SluggersMisfits8113
237Thu, May 30th7:00 pmSons of PitchesMission Accomplished5107
238Thu, May 30th7:00 pmThe HosersPrestige Worldwide6156
239Thu, May 30th7:00 pmYank-deezIce Cold Pitchers7136
240Thu, May 30th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenOdd Ballz8420
243Fri, May 31st7:00 pmSwingersRiver Rats7164
244Fri, May 31st7:00 pmChuggers and SluggersAll About That Base8619
253Mon, Jun 3rd7:15 pmRiver RatsMisfits5156
254Mon, Jun 3rd7:15 pmAll About That BaseOdd Ballz6164
255Mon, Jun 3rd7:15 pmSlammersSons of Pitches7128
257Tue, Jun 4th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenIce Cold Pitchers5520
259Tue, Jun 4th7:00 pmPrestige WorldwideChuggers and Sluggers72122
260Tue, Jun 4th7:00 pmBrew JaysSwingers8105
265Thu, Jun 6th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenSons of Pitches5312
267Thu, Jun 6th7:00 pmThe HosersChuggers and Sluggers7219
268Thu, Jun 6th7:00 pmOdd BallzBrew Jays8618
269Fri, Jun 7th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedSwingers528
270Fri, Jun 7th7:00 pmPrestige WorldwideRattlers61721
271Fri, Jun 7th7:00 pmYank-deezRiver Rats71013
289Tue, Jun 11th7:00 pmSwingersMisfits5175
290Tue, Jun 11th7:00 pmSons of PitchesChuggers and Sluggers6174
291Tue, Jun 11th7:00 pmBrew JaysPrestige Worldwide7WinForfeit
292Tue, Jun 11th7:00 pmIce Cold PitchersMission Accomplished843
297Wed, Jun 12th7:15 pm12 DeepAll About That Base51213
298Wed, Jun 12th7:15 pmYank-deezSlammers6313
299Wed, Jun 12th7:15 pmChuggers and SluggersThe Hosers7922
300Wed, Jun 12th7:15 pmNo Chucks GivenRattlers8WinForfeit
305Thu, Jun 13th7:00 pmIce Cold PitchersBrew Jays51312
306Thu, Jun 13th7:00 pmMission AccomplishedChuggers and Sluggers62110
313Fri, Jun 14th7:00 pmPrestige WorldwideRiver Rats5214
314Fri, Jun 14th7:00 pmYank-deezRattlers61014
315Fri, Jun 14th7:00 pmOdd BallzSwingers71615
316Fri, Jun 14th7:00 pmAll About That BaseBeerly Legal8819
337Mon, Jun 17th7:15 pmSlammersThe Hosers5120
338Mon, Jun 17th7:15 pmRiver RatsBeerly Legal689
339Mon, Jun 17th7:15 pmRattlersOdd Ballz71430
340Mon, Jun 17th7:15 pmMission Accomplished12 Deep889
345Tue, Jun 18th7:00 pmIce Cold PitchersMisfits5197
346Tue, Jun 18th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenAll About That Base6718
353Wed, Jun 19th7:15 pmSlammers12 Deep5128
354Wed, Jun 19th7:15 pmSwingersBeerly Legal6ForfeitWin
355Wed, Jun 19th7:15 pmRiver RatsYank-deez71110
356Wed, Jun 19th7:15 pmThe HosersBrew Jays8223
361Thu, Jun 20th7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenThe Hosers5167
362Thu, Jun 20th7:00 pmIce Cold PitchersSons of Pitches6117
363Thu, Jun 20th7:00 pmMisfitsChuggers and Sluggers7175
369Fri, Jun 21st7:00 pmBrew JaysYank-deez572
370Fri, Jun 21st7:00 pmRiver RatsOdd Ballz696
371Fri, Jun 21st7:00 pmSwingersAll About That Base7WinForfeit
372Fri, Jun 21st7:00 pmPrestige WorldwideSlammers8125
393Mon, Jun 24th7:00 pmChuggers and SluggersOdd Ballz5124
394Mon, Jun 24th7:00 pmRiver RatsThe Hosers6103
395Mon, Jun 24th6:30 pmSlammersMisfits7208
396Mon, Jun 24th6:30 pm12 DeepBrew Jays8414
399-263Mon, Jun 24th7:50 pmBeerly LegalSlammers7519
400-261Mon, Jun 24th7:50 pmRattlers12 Deep8816
401Tue, Jun 25th6:30 pmPrestige WorldwideNo Chucks Given51825
402Tue, Jun 25th6:30 pmSons of PitchesIce Cold Pitchers6Missing Score
403Tue, Jun 25th7:00 pmYank-deezSwingers71211
406-308-175Tue, Jun 25th7:50 pmSons of PitchesPrestige Worldwide6Missing Score
409Wed, Jun 26th7:00 pm12 DeepBeerly Legal587
410Wed, Jun 26th6:30 pmBrew JaysMission Accomplished6164
411Wed, Jun 26th7:00 pmSons of PitchesSlammers7512
412Wed, Jun 26th7:00 pmRattlersMisfits836
414Wed, Jun 26th7:50 pmMission AccomplishedRiver Rats6WinForfeit
417Thu, Jun 27th7:00 pmOdd BallzNo Chucks Given51320
418Thu, Jun 27th7:00 pmThe HosersYank-deez6711
419Thu, Jun 27th7:00 pmIce Cold PitchersAll About That Base7ForfeitWin
420Thu, Jun 27th7:00 pmSwingersMission Accomplished8ForfeitWin
457Tue, Jul 2nd7:00 pmChuggers and SluggersSons of Pitches5WinForfeit
458Tue, Jul 2nd7:00 pmYank-deezMisfits61310
459-176Tue, Jul 2nd7:00 pmSwingers12 Deep7ForfeitWin
460-173Tue, Jul 2nd7:00 pmNo Chucks GivenBrew Jays8114
465Wed, Jul 3rd6:30 pmSlammersAll About That Base5102
467Wed, Jul 3rd7:00 pmRattlersSwingers7418
468Wed, Jul 3rd7:00 pm12 DeepThe Hosers848
469-151Wed, Jul 3rd7:50 pmAll About That BaseSlammers589
473Thu, Jul 4th7:00 pmPrestige WorldwideYank-deez5418
474Thu, Jul 4th7:00 pmIce Cold PitchersRiver Rats699
475Thu, Jul 4th7:00 pmBeerly LegalNo Chucks Given7118
476Thu, Jul 4th7:00 pmMisfitsBrew Jays8320
481Fri, Jul 5th7:00 pmSwingersThe Hosers5137
482Fri, Jul 5th7:00 pm12 DeepMission Accomplished6186
483Fri, Jul 5th7:00 pmIce Cold PitchersRattlers7WinForfeit
484Fri, Jul 5th7:00 pmSons of PitchesOdd Ballz8123
505Mon, Jul 8th7:00 pmOdd BallzChuggers and Sluggers5197
506-169Mon, Jul 8th7:00 pmRiver RatsAll About That Base61422
507Mon, Jul 8th7:00 pmRattlersBeerly Legal749
508Mon, Jul 8th7:00 pmThe HosersSons of Pitches8ForfeitWin
513Tue, Jul 9th7:00 pmMisfitsMission Accomplished598
514-122Tue, Jul 9th7:00 pmAll About That BaseBrew Jays6ForfeitWin
516Tue, Jul 9th7:00 pm12 DeepPrestige Worldwide8128
521-160Wed, Jul 10th7:00 pmRattlersMission Accomplished5138
523Wed, Jul 10th7:00 pmBrew JaysSlammers7913
524Wed, Jul 10th7:00 pmYank-deezAll About That Base8WinForfeit
529Thu, Jul 11th7:00 pmThe HosersOdd Ballz5148
530Thu, Jul 11th7:00 pmSwingersSons of Pitches6109
538Fri, Jul 12th7:00 pmBeerly LegalYank-deez61317
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